How to Get This Book

Just click on the image above. The text is only available online for now since this book is a work in progress.

If you find errors (gasp!), please create an issue on Github, email me, or shame me on Twitter (@ericpgreen). I’m writing the book in R Markdown within RStudio. The bookdown package from the makers of RStudio does most of the heavy lifting to compile the book. The source code for the book is available on Github.

About the Cover

Jef Brown is an Artist & Illustrator in Seattle, WA. To find more of his work visit:

Creating the cover for this book, I wanted to create imagery that reflected the “action” of research in Global Health. Rather than depict a portrait of impoverished villages, a nebulous globe, or still life of medicine- I created a representation of the data that drives the change. I was inspired by the bubble charts of Hans Rosling and the aesthetic philosophy of Wassily Kandinsky. For both, “shape” was an important tool for expression. In creating the constellation of circles I was able to convey a dynamic representation for a larger living idea.